Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management


Dr. Farah Ahmed, Dr. Syed Hasan Danish

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

Technological innovations have changed the buying habits of shoppers around the globe. Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen have conducted a research study and concluded that by 2024, 70% of consumers will be shopping grocery online. Food Marketing Institute represents the retail industry, employees nearly 5 million workers and its members combine sales volumes is approximately $800 billion. Nielsen Holds plc is global consumers data analytics company that provides the most complete information on consumers buying patterns. All the global consumer packaged industry leaders rely on the information of Nielsen for decision-making. Karachi has witnessed tremendous growth in the use of the internet for shopping. Daraz is a superstore for online shopping including groceries. Taza Mart, Hum Mart, CartPK. GoMart, Quick N Easy, Imtiaz Online, Aaraam and doorstep are online stores for Grocery Shopping in Karachi. The purpose of this study is that ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING IS MORE ECONOMICAL THAN IN STORE GROCERY SHOPPING. The payment processes for ONLINE purchases have been streamlined and fully secured. The Return Policy of Daraz is amazing. The delivery system is efficient and effective; this is the rationale for pursuing this research study of ONLINE Grocery Shopping, The author acknowledges the guidance of Dr. Farah Ahmed and Dr. Syed Hasan Danish in conducting this research study.

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