Haleema Noor


Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management


Dr. Syed Hassan Danish

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

Provision of quality is given utmost importance at each step of patient care in the private hospital. For statistically identifying quality services at the last stop of discharge, patient feedback plays a major role. This report specifically studies the factors that increase the discharge turnaround time and eventually affecting the patient satisfaction. Technical and human factors were studied and maximum influence of each of these factors was assessed over patient quality care at the time of discharge from hospital setting. Non-probability consecutive sampling technique was done to perform this cross-sectional study on the patients admitted at executive setting of private hospital. Data of 4615 patient was extracted from sources and analyzed through statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS). Data contained information regarding medication Turnaround timings at each stage of medication discharge of patients discharge from different service lines of executive building of Aga Khan University Hospital. Process was reviewed at different stages and analysis was done. Medication TAT was observed during medication reviewing process, interval between discharge counselling from physician’s order entry time and then at actual counselling session. In addition, pattern of presence of discharge summaries at time of reaching pharmacist and presence of nursing staff at the time of counselling was also observed to see flow of the system. Findings shows that most of the time frames are within desirable ranges except at some points, time delays between physician’s order and discharge counselling. Moreover, there were also issues related to presence of nursing staff at the time of counselling when needed. Reasons related to delays at each stage are highlighted and discussed in detail. Major recommendations made after detailed study were Proper training of staff for using online system, collaborative approach by administration and healthcare team, availability of adequate number of staffs for counselling and involvement of multiple teams (nursing, physician, and pharmacy) to achieve shorter medication Turnaround time and patient satisfaction.

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