Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management


Dr. Faisal Iradat, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

The main aim of this investigation was to analyse the role and importance of machine learning in project procurement and how it can improve the efficiency of the whole process with special focus on time, quality and supplier credibility. The digitalisation in the businesses has increased the importance of machine learning across multiple levels within the organisation. From raw material to finished products, almost every stage of a supply chain is dominated by digital inputs that assist today’s businesses. In the following study, mixed research design has been adopted by the researcher for given the fact that study requires to undertake an empirical investigation along with secondary research. The present research uses non-probability selection to recruit the participants, where responses of 58 participants belonging to different organizations were selected as sample size for the survey. However, for qualitative analysis, sources falling behind 5 years are excluded from the study. The primary findings of the quantitative analysis, machine learning has a substantial and favourable effect on cost reductions, quality, and supplier credibility in project procurement. Moreover, the outcomes of the qualitative research indicate that the usage of AI and machine language has benefited the procurement process by resulting in increased efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings. Moreover, machine learning techniques should be used to decrease project procurement costs, improve quality, and develop partnerships with reliable vendors.

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