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Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Visiting Faculty, Department of Management

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PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

The private sector contribution was 80% in 2020 while Pakistan’s GDP growth rate, then followed by public sector consumption that contributed just 13 percent per annum for achieving growth momentum.

[80pc private sector consumption contributes towards Pak GDP growth rate Articles by The news)

Private sector has been the major producer of good and services and comprises of three major parts:

  1. Industrial [Contribution to GDP,19.12, Pakistan Bureau of Pakistan]
  2. Agriculture [19.19]
  3. Services [61.68]

Private sector constitutes of:

  1. Agriculture (19.2 percent to the GDP, from economic survey of Pakistan 20201)
  2. Manufacturing sector contributes 12.79 to GDP and most importantly textile comprises of 46% of the total manufacturing sector and provides employment to 40% of the total labor force (, from economic survey of Pakistan 20201)
  3. In the services sector, the private sector owns over 77% of the commercial banking sector, a majority of the general insurance sector
  4. The share of services sector is increasing over the period among all sectors, the growth rate of services is higher than either two sectors and it contributes 61.68% in GDP
  1. The private sector in Pakistan is the major producer of goods and services in the economy, the major contributor to investment, and the largest employer.
  2. While disaggregated sector-wise data identifying specific contribution by the private sector in the various sectors of the economy is not available, it is possible to generate an estimate of the private sector contribution to GDP at an aggregate level.
  3. Working from the national income accounts data with figures for private sector consumption and investment and assuming that the bulk of exports originate in the private sector
  4. If allowance for the undocumented informal economy is made which is totally in the private sector, the latter’s contribution to GDP would be even higher.

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