Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management


Dr. Farah Ahmed

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

Objective: This study aims to measure patient satisfaction among the patients who used primary care clinics of a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, with a focus on the parameters of patient’s perception about the care provided at primary healthcare units. It is a gender based comparison with respect to the patient satisfaction. Since the utilization of existing private and public primary healthcare centers is limited due to the lack of awareness among the population about the right choice of medical care, which does not only increase the load on patients in terms of affordability but also increase the burden on tertiary care hospital. Likewise, it also creates a dearth of resources which creates a gap in quality of care provided to the patients. This study can help government and other stakeholders to develop strategies and policies for building new primary healthcare units in Pakistan and working on the awareness in the population for choosing the right treatment from healthcare organizations. Data Collection: Data was collected through a validated questionnaire tool of patient’s satisfaction PSQ-III. Survey was conducted in one of the largest tertiary care hospitals of Karachi, due to the easy access and convenience. It is descriptive quantitative research. Patients visiting the primary healthcare units of this hospital were targeted for survey and with informed consent data were collected. Due to the current pandemic situation convenience sampling was done and sample size of n=100 was taken. Participants were asked for their demographic details along with their perception and experience with the primary healthcare services. The results were run on SPSS to measure the perception and experience of patient and to analyze the level of patient satisfaction in relation with medical care and services. Results: The result of this study shows high satisfaction of patients with the medical care and services provided to them at primary healthcare level. Majority of the participants 68% were female and 32% males. Overall results shows that the participants were satisfied with the care and services however, the participants believes that doctors some time hurry in too much in providing medical care.

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