Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Adnan Ahmed

Project Type

PGD Project Report


Fourth party logistics, Logistics service provider, Warehousing

Executive Summary

We chose the logistics service industry as our capstone project topic as we opined that this industry lacks the required growth which is seen worldwide, so we wanted to analyze the gaps which are preventing the industry to grow in Pakistan. We decided to do exploratory research with two main objectives, one was to see the gaps in this industry and the second was to see what opportunities exist. We used an inductive thematic method with two modes of data collection interviews and questionnaires as primary methods whereas literature reviews and articles as secondary. We conducted 10 interviews with representatives of LSPs, manufacturing and service industry to validate our objectives. After necessary data collection from primary and secondary methods, we concluded that there are a lot of challenges upfront due to reasons like lack of knowledge, infrastructural deficiencies, the gap in understanding amongst the industry professionals, weak government policies and untapped opportunities. Similarly, many opportunities are present which if properly capitalized upon can bring fruitful results and boost the economy. We were glad to see few steps taken in the logistics industry off late which are likely to boost trade opportunities like the introduction of a first freight train by the Pakistan Railway, the establishment of the first Free Economic Zone at Gwadar, CPEC, and relaxation on exports. We have also suggested some measures like, formation of a national logistic policy, a dedicated ministry on logistics and bridging the gap between the industry stakeholders.

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