Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Adnan Ahmed

Project Type

PGD Project Report


Transportation, Rail and Road Network, Lead Time, Service Level, Safety and Security

Executive Summary

This study investigated the comparison of rail and road transportation modes between DP World Karachi and its hinterland linkage of Lahore dry port. Four factors were identified through extensive secondary research to compare rail and road. The factual data comparison indicated that rail performs better in cost factor and Safety and security factors, however, the road takes lead in service level and lead time. Further, a survey was conducted to gauge customer perspective on the importance of factors when making transport decisions. Results showed that Cost factor and safety and security stand at first and second preference respectively, while, lead time and service level tie at three. Rail transportation mode performs better in higher-rated factors. This revelation is in contrast to the current freight movement volume of DP World and Pakistan alike. Despite being a comparatively efficient mode of transportation rail is far behind in terms of freight volumes. This fact is attributed to the poor governance and infrastructure of Railways. It is recommended to improve rail infrastructure and keeping in view the transportation potential of Pakistan intermodal transportation would also benefit the shippers.

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