Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Rameez Khalid

Project Type

PGD Project Report


Warehouse Audit, Time Management, Quality Controls

Executive Summary

This report is about developing a comprehensive Warehouse audit tool to cater overall needs of audits in the Warehouse Industry particularly in Pakistan. The objective of making an audit tool is to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of warehouse operations to ensure best practices as per standards. This comprehensive audit tool caters to all aspects of warehouse operations. The methodology of the verdicts is to hand out the current practices of different operations in warehousing and identifies the loopholes with the best possible resolution in terms of Time Management and Quality Controls. This audit tool will help to improvise efficiency. This audit tool consists of a comprehensive checklist that caters to different operations and controls to make a smart and uniform control of different processes. This tool identifies segregation among different operations, evaluates current scenarios and suggests prominent checks which support the working environment to be both efficient and adequate. This tool highlights control weaknesses in different areas of operations and suggest reliable processes under standard and comprehensive controls.

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