Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management


Shah. M. Saad Hussain

Project Type

PGD Project Report


Employee Engagement, Retail Supermarkets, Performance Monitoring and Rewards

Executive Summary

Human resources management is the key to achieving greatness within an organization as it supports the attainment of business goals and helps in identifying and managing all bottlenecks. Our study is based on how HR is dealing with employee engagement issues within our retail outlets. The study will show the bottlenecks between employees and employers' thought processes and how customers view the outcomes.

Even though with the induction of global brands and outlets, Pakistan’s retail sector at present is witnessing booming and impressive growth. The local retailers are expanding their boundaries to compete with their larger foreign competitors. In 2013, seven Pakistani brands were nominated for the first time for the World Retail Awards held in Paris, in which three brands were shortlisted. Many local brands have expanded and gone global by adopting fast-changing trends. With an estimated size of the retail market at around $50 billion, the country’s retail sector is growing faster than its economy. But still, there is a long way to go and some key initiatives need to be taken by the entrepreneurs to meet the future challenges confronting retailing industry in Pakistan.

In the future, Kiryana stores in Pakistan are likely to exist but their growth will retard because of their unorganized retail format. Kiryana stores channels are likely to adopt some of the basic techniques of organized retail format. The retailing in Pakistan is going to be shaped in the coming years on the global retail format. The competition between global retail outlets and local department stores will intensify in the future. The existing chain of local and national retail outlets will continue to expand its network in other urban centers across the country.

New global chains of grocery and lifestyle stores are likely to enter in the country’s market in the future. With the entry of giant global retailers, the process of retail modernization may accelerate in the country.

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