Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management


Muhammad Farhan

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

Recruitment is one of the crucial functions of an organization that determines the capability and effectiveness of the company since the unemployment rate is very high in our country. Thus employers get lots of resumes as the result of a job posting. Pak Qatar Takaful is a large size organization of the financial sector of Pakistan having more than 5000 thousand active employees and the major part of its employees is based on the sales force where the attrition rate is slightly higher than the other part of the organization. Therefore, the recruitment division is always overwhelmed due to filling out the vacant position in time with the help of technological advancement, this lengthy process can be reduced and avoid unnecessary activity that makes this process complicated and time taking. The purpose of this study is to research the implications of an Artificial Intelligence system in the recruitment process that can reduce the process. This study aims to investigate the feasibility of the system in Pakistan as well as the benefits of an AI system in the recruitment process. This study uses a qualitative study with a survey and semi-structured interviews conducted with IT experts of the financial institution of Pakistan. It is viewed through an interpretive research philosophy along with an inductive research approach The results appear that AI in recruitment is comparatively new and is not commonly used in companies in Pakistan. The implementation of AI can be significantly beneficial in some areas of recruitment such as shortlisting candidates through the well-defined algorithm and interviews/ communication with candidates to some extent. The main focus of an AI system would be the elimination of routine tasks, Page 4 of 81 speed quality, and ensure transparency. However, adaptability and readiness towards new technologies could be a major challenge for our companies in Pakistan.

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