Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Dr. Rameez Khalid

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

This study proposes an improvement plan for improving the efficiency of the order picking process in the Mondelez. Mondelez is facing problems in warehouse management such as space congestion issues, lack of storage assignment policies, no proper visualization of inventory, lack of material routing policies etc, these issues are affecting the profitability of the business. Order picking is one of the most labor-intensive and costly warehouse operations and is a great place to improve efficiency and look into a possibility to increase profitability. This study is conducted by using qualitative data gathering, and it involves the key stakeholders of the order picking process by conducting interviews. The selected research approach is a case study, and the study strives to find the starting point for the efficiency improvements by conducting the current state analysis of its existing picking process. When the problems are identified, the study looks into the available knowledge and best practice on warehouse process improvements within the company. Ideas from best practices are then applied to formulate the proposal. The outcome of this study is an improvement plan for the improved order picking process. The proposed improvement plan will help Mondelez to improve the efficiency of its picking order process by introducing: item classification, removing the excess items from the inventory, Improve Order Picking Response Time in Mondelez Warehouse 5 and rethinking its picking routing. By using the popularity-based item locations, coupled with optimal picking routing, Mondelez could increase the efficiency of the picking process.

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