Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Faisal Jalal

Project Type

PGD Project Report

Executive Summary

Cancer is a deadly disease spreading on a wide scale. All the Governments throughout the world assisted by the World Health Organization (WHO) & other organizations of the UNO are trying to fight out the menace of cancer. In line with the world trend Government of Sindh has established a cancer ward at Civil Hospital, Karachi, since 2002. Since cancer patients are vulnerable to death the timely availability of the medicines is one of the prime requirements of the patients. To ensure the availability of the medicine, a flawless procurement system needs to be put in the place. During the research, it appears that the procurement process followed in the cancer ward of civil hospital Karachi takes Seven months until the medicines arrive in the store. Having been acquainted with the lengthy process of the procurement detailed research was conducted wherein the interviews of all stakeholders including Doctors, Para-Medical staff, Supply Chain Managers, Procurement Executives and patients was conducted. The main issue of the procurement is the bureaucratic red-tapism, study found that it would be contained through adopting a mechanism to pre-qualify the suppliers and vendors and to ensure the timely release of the budget, establish a procedure for Essential Medicines procurement, which will result in the curtailing of the procurement process from seven months to four months and will save and smoothen the lives of five thousand patients registered with the cancer ward.

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