Chronicling excellence: a history of IBA


Chronicling excellence: a history of IBA


Sibtain Naqvi



The IBA history book, “Chronicling Excellence: A History of IBA", is an attempt to capture this history. There are defined eras and historical points of interest. The institution partnered with international institutions, shifted academic operations between three locations, started multiple programs and produced the leading industry captains of the country. It did all this with a minimal amount of resources and in a challenging and fluid environment. The idea was to produce a publication that would be both instructive and illustrative, that it would provide a holistic narrative that would be readable and serve as a guide for other institutions and policy makers.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements I
  • Introduction II
  • Forward 1
  • Antecedents of Birth----------------------------- 7
  • Inception-------------------------------------------- 27
  • Building Bridges------------------------------------72
  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar-----------------------108
  • Opening New Vistas------------------------------169
  • Legends and Yeomen--------------------------- 195
  • Cultivating Future Leaders----------------------243
  • Ascendancy of Institution----------------------- 321
  • Appendix---------------------------------------------358
  • Bibliography-----------------------------------------365
  • Glossary---------------------------------------------373
  • Index--------------------------------------------------374
  • Interviewees & Contributors-------------------- 380

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Citation/Publisher Attribution

Naqvi, S. 2015. Chronicling excellence: a history of IBA. IBA Press.

Chronicling excellence: a history of IBA