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The purpose of this study is to examine how is treasury control exercised in Pakistan?

In order to show whether the Ministry of Finance is guilty or not of exercising rigid and sterilizing treasury control one has to portray the way it administers this treasury control, for as it has been suggested that the paralysing effects of this treasury control very largely stem from the system of ad ministration that Pakistan has inherited from British India.

Secondly, this paper is being presented before the Institute of Public and Business Administration wherein stress on public administrative aspects of treasury control is not likely to be considered as irrelevant or inappropriate.

Finally, I have hardly ever come across any detailed or concise account of the actual system of treasury control that operates in Pakistan. I take it most of the guests have been invited to test their capacity to sit through a paper on Public Administration.

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Pakistan, Central Government, Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Government Expenditure, Public Administration

Treasury control in the central government of Pakistan 1959

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