Flyer: A program of evening study and diploma course



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The main objective of the Institute of Public and Business Administration is to improve administration in Pakistan by providing facilities for training and research in administrative techniques. For this, the Institute offers training for full-time and part-time students.

The full-time program began in August 1955. It is for post-graduate students and leads to a Master's degree, upon the completion of two years of successful work, the part-time program is designed to meet the needs of persons already employed in government or business who desire further training in the techniques and tools of management. In-service training sessions are offered to meet the special needs of government agencies and private business concerns.

In 1957, the institute inaugurates a new program of evening study leading to a diploma in Public Administration and Business Administration. The program is offered as a further means of broadening student recognition.

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I.P.B.A, Evening programme, Public Administration, Business Administration, Allied subjects, Diploma courses

Flyer: A program of evening study and diploma course

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