Towards knowledge morphing: A triangulation approach to link tacit and explicit knowledge


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Conference Paper

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2005 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies

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Karachi, Pakistan

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27-28 August 2005


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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Current knowledge management systems are largely designed to deal with a single knowledge modality. Given the diversity of knowledge modalities that encompass any given topic/problem it is reasonable to demand access and use of all available knowledge, irrespective of their representation modality, to derive a knowledge-mediated solution. This calls for selecting all knowledge elements (represented in different modalities) that are relevant to the solution of the problem at hand. Thus here we pursue the specification and implementation of such a knowledge-mediated solution using a triangulation approach leading to Knowledge Morphing. In this paper we present a tacit-explicit knowledge morphing (TEKM) system in the healthcare setting that supports the extraction of tacit knowledge from past cases stored in a case-base and mapping it with corresponding explicit knowledge stored in clinical practice guidelines. Here we present the system design and intended functionality of our knowledge management framework.