Teachers' skills set for personal learning environments

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10th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL-2011

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Brighton, UK

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10-11 November 2011


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Proceedings of the European Conference on Games-based Learning

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This study provides an in-depth investigation of the issues that may impact the critical role anticipated from today's teachers to perform while using their personalized learning approaches and hence, in guiding stu-dents develop their personal learning environments (PLEs). Using modified Delphi method (Kenis, 1995; Webler, 1991), the researchers worked with 34 experienced PLE stakeholders taken from the areas of research, teaching and practice from different geographic regions of the world to discover teachers' skills and competencies for PLEs. A questionnaire instrument was developed through analysis of the existing literature with the goal of pro-viding a recognized foundation to the participants based on the previous work. An exhaustive list containing teachers' 60 personalized learning skills was developed. In the three-round process of this study, participants consented on teachers' five core PLE competencies, found earlier by Shaikh and Khoja (2011a), and formulated a skills set for each competency. Based on the findings, the researchers argue that teachers need to become involved with the relevant skill sets; they will then develop and become entrenched in these new fields of learning.

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Shaikh, Z. A., & Khoja, S. A. (2011, November). Teachers' Skills set for Personal Learning Environments. In Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on e-Learning, vols (Vol. 1, pp. 762-769).