Evaluating usability of M-learning application in the context of higher education institute

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


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Conference Paper

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International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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17-22 July 2016


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Springer, Cham

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In a system development process, usability evaluation is a crucial part of the process. The purpose of this paper is to test the usability of new developed application called “DARSGAH” for getting optimum outcomes from m-learning (Mobile Learning) technology. This application provides learning opportunities to University students. Initially, pilot test was conducted with 10 participants. After slight word refinement and minor changes in the application full scale usability test was conducted with other 100 participants who were selected randomly from the University by generating random numbers (student IDs) using SPSS. The data was collected using System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire immediately after the test, to obtain students’ overall perception about the application. The findings revealed that the application is user friendly, effective, and efficient and the users were satisfied as the overall average score of SUS is 84. The total task completion rate was 100% which means that the application was very effective.

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Arain, A. A., Hussain, Z., Rizvi, W. H., & Vighio, M. S. (2016, July). Evaluating usability of M-learning application in the context of higher education institute. In International conference on learning and collaboration technologies (pp. 259-268). Springer, Cham.