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Realization of centrality measure on Wireless Sensor Network

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Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)


Department of Computer Science

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Conference Paper

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2017 International Conference on Innovations in Electrical Engineering and Computational Technologies (ICIEECT)

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Karachi, Pakistan

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5-7 April 2017


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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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The routing algorithms for wireless sensor networks (WSN) are in process of optimization for addressing issues like energy conservation, delay and throughput in presence of limited resources in terms of memory, CPU processing power and power source (batteries). Although, it has not been possible to date, a development of routing algorithm addressing all the issues of WSN. Various tradeoffs exists between different routing algorithms. Network analysis metric 'centrality', has been found to be a useful parameter used in judging the importance of a vertex, a network node, for its contribution towards data routing in the network. Betweenness centrality metric has been used in this research paper to develop a routing algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks and therefore a network structure has been developed on the fly based on Betweenness values of nodes neighbors. The Betweenness centrality allows to identify nodes in the network having brokerage role and hence they can be equipped with extra resources like battery power. The routing algorithm developed has been programmed and tested on real hardware (test bed) and data routing is performed by each node based on the algorithm developed.