Shari’ah governance framework in different jurisdictions

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School of Business Studies (SBS)


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  • Dr. Irum Saba is an Associate Professor and Program Director MS-IBF

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Research in Corporate and Shari’ah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and Practice




Toseef Azid; Ali Abdullah Alnodel; Muhamad Azeem Qureshi

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Emerald Publishing Limited

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The prime difference between conventional and Islamic financial institutions (IFIs)is the compliance with shari'ah. Hence, shari'ah is a very crucial pillar, rather a main pillar of Islamic finance. In order to ensure shari'ah compliance by the IFIs at all levels, central banks of different countries crafted and implemented shari'ah governance framework. This chapter focusses on the cross-country comparison of shari'ah governance framework. The countries included in this chapter are Malaysia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Bahrain. The result shows that Malaysia and Pakistan are leading in terms of comprehensive shari'ah governance framework whereas Bahrain comes next and the United Kingdom is the last in terms of comparison.

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Saba, I. (2019), "Shari’ah Governance Framework in Different Jurisdictions", Azid, T., Alnodel, A.A. and Qureshi, M.A. (Ed.) Research in Corporate and Shari’ah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and Practice, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 201-208.

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