The evolving role of the World Bank: the challenge of Africa

The evolving role of the World Bank: the challenge of Africa


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This series of essays is devoted to improving understanding of the evolving role of the World Bank. Each essay analyzes the Bank's approach to the major development challenges its borrowing countries have faced, starting with the reconstruction and development needs of Eiurope and Japan in the 1940s and 1950s and ending with the transition of Central and Eastcern Europe and the former Soviet Union. One essay examines the evolution of the Bank's relations with the world's capital markets as it mobilizes private savings for develop- ment. An overview paper provides a picture of the fifty-year period as a whole. The story that emerges is one of an evolving and learning institution that has built on its successes and its mistakes. The Bank has responded with vigor and energy to the challenges confronting its borrowers. In this process, it has made a significant contribution to the impressive developmental gains recorded in these past fifty years. In responding to those challenges, the Bank itself has changed, learning from its experiences, deepening its under- standing of the development process, and recasting its analytical and financial support to help its borrowers better.


GDP growth rate, Efficiency of resource use, Participation of civil society, Human resource development Adjustment program, Multilateral development institution, Structural adjustment loan, Financial market integration

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Foreword v Introduction 1 Hope and Despair 2 The Banks Lending 9 Intelectual Leadership 15 Helping the Poor 20 Mobilizing Resources 22 Building Capacity 24 Unfinished Ageda 26 Notes 31

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Ishrat Husain - Chief Economist for the Africa Regional Office of the World Bank

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Husain, Ishrat. The evolving role of the World Bank : the challenge of Africa (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.

The evolving role of the World Bank: the challenge of Africa