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This book aims to energize open discourse on the education landscape and initiate civil society action for sustainable change. From the historical to the present state, the book vividly describes the feudal and dysfunctional environments which have impeded reforms. It addresses sensitive areas such as the politics of language, the curriculum content, quality improvement measures and inclusive education; the misunderstood and maligned madrasas (Islamic seminary schools); the struggles of transition from poverty to a middle-class position; and the need for organized political advocacy. It interlaces bold ideas and proposes civil society ownership for implementation of reforms. It proposes that the influential elite should lead as committed stakeholders and recommends long-term public engagement to uphold the changes. It urges action to reduce inequities and promote policies and practices that will even the playing field for the underprivileged. Addressing the important area of quality education, it proposes achievable measures of improvement in academic inputs as well as management efficiencies in the school systems.

Table of Contents

Shashi Buluswar

On a Personal Note
Amjad Noorani

Amjad Noorani

1. Fixing the Problematic Education System
2. The Incredible Story of TCF
3. The Saleem Family of Ibrahim Goth
4. Agents of Change
5. The Right to Education
6. The Madrasa as an Institution of Education
7. Education Reform: The Essentials

1. Politics of Education in Pakistan
Irfan Muzaffar
2. Education Governance and Political Advocacy: A Case of Punjab
Salman Humayun and Ehtisham Adil
3. The Social, Political and Economic Imperatives of Education: A Systems Perspective
Anjum Altaf

Final Thoughts and a Call to Action
Acknowledgements and Gratitude


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School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


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  • Nadeem Hussain is a Research Fellow at IBA

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Noorani, A., & Hussain, N. (2021). Agents of Change: The Problematic Landscape of Pakistan's K-12 Education and the People Leading the Change. Oxford University Press.

Agents of Change: The Problematic Landscape of Pakistan's K-12 Education and the People Leading the Change