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The coronavirus – COVID-19 – pandemic has had a huge, catastrophic, impact on the global economy and on economies of almost all countries. Even those countries which were posting record-breaking profits just four weeks ago, such as the US and Germany, are now faced with a substantial fall in incomes, earning, employment and profits. From record low unemployment levels, these countries are already projecting a huge spike in unemployment, and all indicators suggest that a global recession is now imminent.

Table of Contents

  • Preamble S Akbar Zaidi
  • Foreign Portfolio Investment In Pakistan During the COVID-19 Outbreak ---Numair Jodoon
  • Poverty & Unemployment in Sindh: Some Data Adnan Haider
  • Will COVID-19 Cause a Global Recession? Wali Ullah
  • Value of Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Crisis: The Case of Sindh Asma Hyder
  • Commodity Prices in Major Cities of Sindh During COVID-19 Shagufta Shabber
  • The Changing Environment in Karachi During the Pandemic Spread of the COVID-19 Asim Bashir Khan
  • Pakistan Stock Market Reaction to COVID-19 Hamid Hussain

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Short notes on the economy during the Covid-19 crisis