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Several months have passed since COVID-19 has continued to wreak havoc globally. While the pandemic has had a major impact on the physical health of individuals, it has also had a considerable effect on their mental well-being. With lockdowns of different extents being imposed throughout the world, this effect is becoming increasingly visible on social media platforms.

Table of Contents

  • The Role of Industry and Innovation in Countering COVID-19: The Case of Ventilator Shortage in Pakistan Athar Osama ----------------------------------- 3
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Well-being of Individuals Haaris Afzal Cheema and Zainab Riaz ----------------------------------------------------- 9
  • COVID -19 And the Past FLU Virus Outbreaks: An Epidemiological and Economic Comparison Muhammad Masood Ahmed Siddiqui ----------- 15
  • Monetary Policy - Post COVID-19 Regime Qazi Masood Ahmed --------- 21
  • Creating Fiscal Spaces in Pakistan During COVID-19 Crisis Asma Hyder ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25
  • A Sociological Perspective on the COVID-19 Crisis in Pakistan Faiza Mushtaq ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28
  • Policing in Uncertain Times: Some Global Examples and Lessons for Pakistan Hina Kalyal -----------------------------------------------------------------32
  • Covid-19 and Possible Repercussions for Dropout Rates Zehra Aftab ------------ 35
  • COVID-19 and Commercial Contracts: A Primer for Pakistani Businesses Morial Shah -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39
  • COVID-19 Through the Gender Lens Sidrat Asim ------------------------- 48
  • Multi-Sectoral Impacts of Covid-19 Outbreak in Pakistan Hamid Hussain --- 51
  • Outbreak of COVID 19: Its impact on Brand Health and Marketing Communications Nida Aslam Khan ---------------------------------------------- 55

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Short notes on the economy during the Covid-19 crisis