The corporate governance landscape of Pakistan

The corporate governance landscape of Pakistan


Sadia Khan


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The Corporate Governance Landscape of Pakistan is a story told by the pioneers of corporate governance in the country for the benefit of those who will take it to the next level of policy advocacy and enforcement. It provides a comprehensive guide to the existing policy frameworks, principles, and practices of corporate governance in Pakistan today. It attempts to capture the essence of the corporate environment of Pakistan that existed on the eve of the introduction of the first Code of Corporate Governance. It reveals, through subsequent policy additions, the sea change in mindsets the first set of policy reforms facilitated. The book is meant both as a historical anthology of work already accomplished under the realm of corporate governance as well as a reference book for future regulators, educators, and practitioners. It recognizes the fact that immense effort-some of which remains under-appreciated-has already gone into enhancing the corporate governance environment of the country.

Table of Contents

Part-I: Policy framework: laying the foundation of corporate governance

  • Chapter 1 The Genesis of the First Code of Corporate Governance, 2002- Ebrahim Sidat
  • Chapter 2 Revisions of 2012 as a Reflection of the New Mindset - Zaffar A. Khan
  • Chapter 3 Rules for Governance of Public Sector Enterprise - Sadia Khan

Part-II: Enshrined principles: towards greater responsibility, accountability, and transparency

  • Chapter 4 Building an Effective and Efficient Board - Sadia Khan
  • Chapter 5 Providing Strategic Leadership - Tabish Gauhar
  • Chapter 6 Focusing on Financial Stewardship and Accountability - S. Masoud Ali Naqvi
  • Chapter 7 Protecting Stakeholdes' Rights - Dr. Parves Hassan

Part-III:Practical application:implementing in letter and spirit

  • Chapter 8 Raising the Bar for Director Education - Faud Azim Hashimi
  • Chapter 9 Assessing the Efficacy of Implementation - Arif Masud Mirza
  • Chapter 10 The Next Act: Women on Boards - Sadia Khan

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Sadia Khan is a strategy and performance-focused executive with more than twenty-two years of value driven leadership experience across most of Asia, Europe, and the USA. She has worked in the corporate sector in Pakistan and abroad while serving as an independent director in various organizations. She is a motivational leader known for clearly defining missions and goals, aligning people and resources, and delivering results that exceed expectations. She has done her Bachelors from Cambridge University, Masters from Yale, and MBA from INSEAD.


The corporate governance landscape of Pakistan

Edited by Sadia Khan and Foreword by Dr. Ishrat Husain

The corporate governance landscape of Pakistan