Leading issues facing Pakistan economy


Leading issues facing Pakistan economy


Table of Contents

  • The Financial Sector in Pakistan: The Way Forward
  • Impact of Globalization on Poverty reduction in Pakistan
  • Making Globalization work for the Poor: Case study of Pakistan
  • Economic Prospects in Pakistan
  • Making Pakistan Bankable
  • Strengthening the Leasing Sector
  • Economic Challenges facing Pakistan
  • SBP Role in Promoting Micro-Finance Institutions
  • The State of Financial Sector in Pakistan
  • Macro Picture of Budget - 2000
  • Pakistan's Development Challenges
  • Conditionality and Ownership
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Strategy of External Debt Management
  • Is State Bank of Pakistan doing its job?
  • Pakistan and IMF: 1988 - 2002
  • Why does Pakistan have to accumulate Foreign Reserves?
  • Banking Sector Reforms: Current Status and Future Prospects
  • Dealing with non-performance loans of Banks
  • Why Reforms must continue
  • Housing Finance
  • Change management in SBP
  • Pakistan Poverty Assessment
  • Regulatory Strategy of the State Bank of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Economic Horizon
  • The Role of Private Sector and Government in Pakistan's Economic Development
  • A Fair, Equitable and Efficient Tax System for Pakistan
  • Strategy for Development of Micro-Finance in Pakistan

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  • Ishrat Husain is currently Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. He has also served as Dean and Director, IBA, Karachi (2008-16).

Leading issues facing Pakistan economy