Virtual manufacturing


Virtual manufacturing


Abstract / Description

Virtual Manufacturing presents a novel concept of combining human computer interfaces with virtual reality for discrete and continuous manufacturing systems. The authors address the relevant concepts of manufacturing engineering, virtual reality, and computer science and engineering, before embarking on a description of the methodology for building augmented reality for manufacturing processes and manufacturing systems.

Virtual Manufacturing is centered on the description of the development of augmented reality models for a range of processes based on CNC, PLC, SCADA, mechatronics and on embedded systems. Further discussions address the use of augmented reality for developing augmented reality models to control contemporary manufacturing systems and to acquire micro- and macro-level decision parameters for managers to boost profitability of their manufacturing systems.

Table of Contents

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing ------------------ 1-56

Manufacturing Processes and Systems --------------- 57-90

Automation and Control in Manufacturing ------------ 91-96

Augmented Reality for Senses, Transducers and Actuators ------------------------------------------------- 97-126

Augmented Reality for Computer Numerical Control-Based Application------------------------------------- 127-302

Augmented Reality for Industrial Manipulators, Gantries and Conveyors --------------------------- 303-436

Virtual Reality Design for Programmable Logic Controller Based Applications -------------------- 437-508

Augmented Reality for Embedded Systems -- 509-532

Augmented Reality for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition-Based Application ------------------- 533-550

Augmented Reality for Mechatronics-Based Applications ------------------------------------------- 551-556

Virtual Manufacturing for Discrete Manufacturing Systems ------------------------------------------------ 557-750

The Future for Virtual Manufacturing using Augmented Reality Technology --------------------------------- 751-762

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Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing

Author Affiliation

  • Wasim Ahmed Khan- HEC Professor at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi (2006-2011).
  • Professor Abdul Raouf is Professor at the University of Management and Technology, Pakistan, since 2005.
  • Professor Kai Cheng is a fellow of the IET and IMechE.

Virtual manufacturing