A guide to business decision making

A guide to business decision making


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The business and accounting world has become a lot more complicated as the accountants as well as users of the financial statements, in pursuance of their own objectives, are using accounting data for taking business decisions. Therefore, today's accountants are expected to be more proficient in business operations, as they are expected to add value to their entities by their ability to bring the right information to bear on a decision.

In this guide, the emphasis is on decisions that have a quantitative basis. However, it must be realized that regardless of the quantitative information available, the actual decision making process invariably also includes consideration of qualitative, psychological and social factors.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

2. Special Pricing Decision ----------------------------------------------------------- 18

3. Make or Buy Decision -------------------------------------------------------------- 30

4. Discontinue Product / Segment -------------------------------------------------- 35

5. Optimum Mix with Limited Factors ---------------------------------------------- 41

6. Miscellaneous ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 52

7. Solution --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58

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  • Abdul Rahim Suriya Visiting Faculty at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.

A guide to business decision making