Business problems in Pakistan: management of external environment factors


Business problems in Pakistan: management of external environment factors


Abstract / Description

This book on the management of external environmental factors is an effort that signifies much more than the message that can possibly be communicated by simply launching it. It is actually the launching of an idea in Pakistan whose adoption and assimilation by our business organizations would be a first major step towards revolutionizing the management of business and industry in the country. Though the idea is not entirely new to Pakistan, however, this book develops it for the first time in a manner that might enhance its appeal and application in the field.

The book, therefore, has more than academic value as a direct piratical application is sought by alerting the readers to the fact of external environmental turbulence that our business have to learn to deal with in a proactive way. The external competitive, technological, economic, social and political environment is in a state of constant flux all over the world. The author has made an attempt to extrapolate Western theory and concept of strategic management to our domestic environment.

Table of Contents

A. Introduction --

  1. Plight of our country -- some crucial questions--------------------------------- 3
  2. Business development in Pakistan: an overview------------------------------- 8
  3. Harmonising business with public interest-------------------------------------- 14

B.Strategic management: a useful technique to manage external environmental factors

  1. Strategic management: evolution, concepts, and application---------------- 21
  2. Concept of strategic management -------------------------------------------------- 28
  3. BOD's (board of directors) role in the strategic management --------------- 31
  4. Strategic management responds to changing environment ------------------ 35
  5. How new strategic management ---------------------------------------------------- 41
  6. Implementation of strategic management ---------------------------------------- 46
  7. How to create a strategy supportive culture ------------------------------------- 51
  8. The impact of politics on businesses ---------------------------------------------- 56
  9. The impact of economics on businesses ----------------------------------------- 61
  10. Social responsibility of business organizations --------------------------------- 67
  11. The foggy divide between business and public administration ------------- 72
  12. Modern management thought and its application to public administration 78
  13. Interest representation of industry -------------------------------------------------- 92
  14. Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 97

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


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  • Dr. Mahnaz Fatima is Professor at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.

Business problems in Pakistan: management of external environment factors