Making sense of post COVID-19 politics

Making sense of post COVID-19 politics


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The book, Making Sense of Post COVID-19 Politics, is an attempt to answer the questions thrown up by COVID-19. The book dwells on three powerful shifts: 1) from state security to human security; 2) from greed-driven capitalism to conscience-laced capitalism; and 3) from US-Euro centric global politics to an Asia-centric order. This book brings together some of the best minds in Pakistan to make sense of chaos and confusion and initiate scholarly debates on different aspect of COVID-19 led changes. It identifies potential security threats, challenges to the existing ideological politico-economic divide, issues of human security and response mechanisms, and two very central issues of Kashmir and the 18th amendment.

The book is pioneering in nature and indicative in style. It dwells on questions thrown up by Covid -19. The editors have managed to create a sequence across eleven chapters starting with thematic issues and rounding it off with regional and domestic challenges and prospects. This book is a remarkable compilation of articles from acknowledged experts. It is an excellent study into the economic and social cost if the pandemic and its impact on international politics.

Table of Contents

1. Pandemic and Change in International Politics: A Historicist Analysis - Nausheen Wasi

2. Pandemic and the Geopolitical Dilemma: Battle of the Elephants - Rabia Akhtar

3. Rising competition between US and China: A Modern Day Tragedy - Huma Baqai and Sabina Mehreen

4. Conceptualizing Controlled Globalization in Post-Pandemic Politics - Shahid Hameed

5. Clash of Two Ideologies: Market Economy versus Social Democracy - Kiaser Bengali

6. Human Rights Concerns in Post-Pandemic Context: Risks and Responses - Ishrat Afshan Abbasi

7. One Humanity - Alternative Instruments for Response Mechanism - Saira Bano Orakzai

8. Pakistan's Foreign Policy Options in the Post-Pandemic World - Bettina Robotka

9. Comparative Pandemic Politics Responses in Kasmir - Sardar Masood Khan

10. Post-Pandemic Politics of the 18th Amendment - Farhan Hanif Khan

11. Fintech: A Window of Opportunity for Pakistan - Ikram Sehgal

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

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  • Dr. Huma Baqai is Associate Professor-School of Economics and Social Sciences at Institute of Business Administration (IBA ), Karachi
  • Dr. Nausheen Wasi is Visiting Faculty at SSLA, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Making sense of post COVID-19 politics