Social Science in Pakistan in the 1990s

Social Science in Pakistan in the 1990s


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Social Sciences in Pakistan in the 1990s is the second collection of articles on the state of the social sciences published by the Council of Social Sciences (COSS), Pakistan. It follows the earlier collection published in 2001, which was a reprint of a book first published in 1989 by the Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, entitled, The State of Social Sciences in Pakistan, edited by S H Hashmi, based on a conference which took place in May 1988. The current collections based on articles which examine the state of the social science in Pakistan, and have all been written or published since the Islamabad conference, up to around the middle of 2002. The purpose of bringing out this volume was to bring together collectively, under one cover, many of the papers which had been published on the social sciences since the end of the 1980s.

The collection of nine chapters includes three on the state of economics, one each three on history, mass communication, sociology and social studies/civics and two on a broad overview of the predicament of social studies in the country, more generally. There is also an introduction which highlights and summarizes the features of all the nine articles.

Table of Contents

Introduction- Syed Akbar Zaidi

1. The social sciences in Pakistan: an evaluation - Inayatullah

2. Economists and Pakistan's economic development: is there a connection? - S. M.Naseem

3.Conditions of teaching and research in economics: some preliminary findings --S.M Naseem, S.K Quershi and Rehana Siddiqui

4. The economics profession in Pakistan: a historical analysis - Nadeem Ul Haque and Mahmood Hasan Khan

5. Contemporary sociology in Pakistan - Hasan N Gardezi

6.Mass communications research as a social science discipline: problems and opportunities-Fazal Rahim Khan, Hashmat Ali Zafar and Abdus Sattar Abbasi

7. The university historian- K.K Aziz

8.History, social studies and civics, and the creation of enemies - Rubina Saigal

9.The Dismal State of the Social Sciences in Pakistan - Syed Akbar Zaidi

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  • Professor Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi is the Executive Director of the IBA, Karachi.

Social Science in Pakistan in the 1990s