Reforming the government in Pakistan


Reforming the government in Pakistan


Abstract / Description

Following its creation in 2006, the NCGR was tasked with producing an analysis and recommendations on how government, its institutions and infrastructure can become more effective to meet the social, economic and political challenges that Pakistan faces in the 21st century. This report produced by the commission after deliberations during these two years is comprehensive and covers the restructuring of Government at Federal, Provincial levels, strengthening of the district governments, reorganization of civil services, revamping of human resource management policies and practices, re engineering of business processes. These proposals summarize the findings from extensive research in the field and consultations conducted wit a wide range of stakeholders spanning the public and private sectors, particularly the Federal Secretaries committee and the Provincial Governments.

Table of Contents

  • Vol - I
  1. Rationale concept principals and approach
  2. Restructuring the civil services
  3. Improve human resources management and development
  4. Simplifying rules, processes, procedures
  5. Governance and delivery of essentials public services
  6. Reforms of selected key institutions
  7. The way forward
  • Vol - II

Part - 1 Record of Activities of NCGR
Part - 2 Minutes of the meeting of NCGR
Part - 3 Minutes the meeting of Steering Committee

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  • Ishrat Husain is currently Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. He has also served as Dean and Director, IBA, Karachi (2008-16).


Reforming the Government in Pakistan

Report of the National Commission for Government reforms

Reforming the government in Pakistan