Dollars, debts and deficits : reform and management of Pakistan's economy


Dollars, debts and deficits : reform and management of Pakistan's economy


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This volume consists of two parts. The first is a compilation of the author’s newspaper articles until 1999, and the second comprises his articles in his official capacity as Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.

The most interesting aspect of the book is the difference between the author’s approach as an outsider and critic before 1999, and his pragmatic approach later in view of the ground realities.

The challenge that faces Pakistan’s economic managers is to accelerate growth, invest in pro-poor and labour intensive activities, create employment opportunities and bring down the incidence of poverty. The next five years are therefore critical in the economic history of Pakistan if they bring about a paradigm shift from the old stop-go cycles to a more orderly and stable way of achieving equitable and sustainable growth for a majority of the population.

This book contributes significantly to the policy dialogue on the Pakistan economy and will be indispensable for policy makers, economists and historians.

Table of Contents

  • PART I -1996 -1999
  1. The Economics of Patronage
  2. Reforming Key Institutions
  3. India, Pakistan: A comparison
  4. Managing Policy Reforms in Pakistan
  5. New Public - Private Sector Equation
  6. No Room for Complancy
  7. Lesson from Asian Turmoil
  8. Why only five Islands of Excellence
  9. Hard, Choices, Tough Decisions
  10. The Economics of Violence
  11. Crisis Credibility
  12. The Economics of Defense
  13. Six Tentacles of Corruption
  14. How the Elite Captured Power in Pakistan
  15. Seven Pillars of Good Governance
  16. Public Policy and Private Profit
  17. the Political Economy of reforms
  18. The political Economy Debate on the Role of the Intelligentsia in creating a Critical Mass for Social Change
  19. Pakistan- Dynamics of the Elitist Model
  20. Dollars, Debts, and Deficits
  • PART II - 2000 - 2002
  1. Making Pakistan Bankable
  2. Strengthening the Leasing Sector
  3. Towards a strategy of Employment- Oriented Human Development
  4. SBP role in promoting Micro-Finance Institutions
  5. Remarks on case study on Pakistan
  6. Economic Ties between China and Pakistan
  7. Macro picture of Budget- 2000
  8. The role of Modarabas in Pakistan's Financial sector
  9. Why perception about Pakistani economy differ
  10. Pakistan Development challenges
  11. Strategy for development of Micro-Finance in Pakistan

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  • Ishrat Husain is currently Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. He has also served as Dean and Director, IBA, Karachi (2008-16).

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Dollars, debts and deficits : reform and management of Pakistan's economy