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Abstract / Description

The Economy of Modern Sindh delves into the different aspects of Sindh’s economy—from geography, topography, climate, administrative history, and demographics, to the political landscape, education, health, labour force and employment, poverty and inequality, agriculture and water issues, infrastructure, industries, energy resources, and public finances—each is covered in a separate chapter. The book highlights the socioeconomic problems that have beset Sindh, arresting the province’s economic potential, and proposes a multi-pronged strategy to address these challenges. It offers an incisive and objective assessment of the various policies enacted and pursued by the Sindh government over the years. It also attempts to identify the particular issues that require reforms at the sectoral and micro level. The analysis on each aspect of Sindh’s economy is juxtaposed with the performance analysis at the national level as well as a comparison with Punjab that allows for a relative appraisal of Sindh’s socioeconomic standing.

Table of Contents

  1. Land and People ---------------------------------------------------1
  2. Administrative and Economic History ------------------------ 13
  3. Population ----------------------------------------------------------- 41
  4. Education ------------------------------------------------------------ 55
  5. Health ----------------------------------------------------------------- 90
  6. Labour and Employment ----------------------------------------- 107
  7. Poverty and Inequality -------------------------------------------- 131
  8. Agriculture ------------------------------------------------------------ 163
  9. Irrigation --------------------------------------------------------------- 189
  10. Infrastructure ---------------------------------------------------------- 210
  11. Sindh's Industrial Structure: Past and Present --------------- 226
  12. Energy and Mineral Resources ----------------------------------- 257
  13. Public Finance: Taxation and Resource Mobilization ------- 294

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School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Economics

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Author Affiliation

  • Dr. Ishrat Husain is currently Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. He has served as Dean and Director, IBA, Karachi (2008-16).
  • Aijaz A. Qureshi is an educationist and development professional
  • Nadeem Hussain is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

The Economy of Modern Sindh: Opportunities Lost and Lessons for the Future