Bedtime stories for sleep less entrepreneurs


Bedtime stories for sleep less entrepreneurs


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We learn through stories. Stories teach us important lessons and principles, which can be grasped in a more nuanced manner than from a lecture. This collection of stories, rooted in Pakistani entrepreneurial behavior, allows the reader to see themselves and their culture in the context of success. Too many entrepreneur text books or the stories that are told to entrepreneurship classrooms are rooted in a different reality, a different cultural narrative than the average Pakistani student will ever experience.

This can make the goal of entrepreneurship seem out of reach. Well, that simply is not true. We all have entrepreneurial opportunities. Those opportunities just need to be placed within the context of who we are and where we live.

Najam Anjum does a wonderful job of bringing relevant stories and examples to the reader of this book. There are many lessons in these stories. Lessons that will allow a person to learn important traits and qualities to become an entrepreneur in Pakistan.

Table of Contents

  • The Sticky Treat- Making sense of the situation - What is need?
  • The Avengers- Making Sense of the situation-Who is an entrepreneur?
  • World Wide Web- Making sense of the situation-Quadruple Bottom Line
  • Don't keep the change- Making sense of the situation-1st element of an entrepreneurial activity
  • Walk in the Parking- Making Sense of the Situation-2nd element of an entrepreneurial activity
  • From Korea with Love Making sense of the situation-3rd element of entrepreneurial activity.
  • Kamran's extra mile Earlier Making Sense of the situation- 3rd elements entrepreneurial activity Take a break The Core of Enrepreneurship
  • Zubair's Lifeline- Earlier Making Sense of the Situation-The Silicon Valley Model of Entrepreneurship
  • Ahmed's Balancing Act- Making Sense of the Sitaution-Timmon's Model
  • Shakaib's Self Reliance- Making Sense of the situation-Means based approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Low Risk Big game Making Sense of the Situation-Taking affordable risks.
  • The Burgeoning Caravan Making Sense of the Situation-Self-selection of stakeholders.

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


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  • Najam A. Anjum is Assistant Professor and Adjunct Faculty at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.

Bedtime stories for sleep less entrepreneurs