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The bond market is a key securities market and emerging economies present exciting, new investment opportunities. This timely book provides insights into these emerging bond markets through empirical models and analytical databases, i.e. Bloomberg, Eikon Refinitiv and the Russian Cbonds.

The book looks at the dynamics of the development of emerging bond markets, their competitiveness, features and patterns using macro and micro level data. It also takes into consideration various securities type i.e. government, corporate, sub-federal and municipal bonds, to identify respective challenges and risks. The book also analyses factors that may inhibit or stimulate a well-balanced financial market. It includes case studies of Asian, Latin American and Russian bond markets, as also as cross-country comparisons.

It will be a useful reference for anyone who is interested to learn more of the bond market and the modelling techniques for critical data analysis.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Trends and determinants of bond market development

1. Change in tendencies in the global debt market: Specifics of development of emerging markets

2. Asian bond markets: Potential benefits for global investors

3. National currency weakness and collective investment as determinants of development of domestic corporate bond markets

Part 2 Pricing in bond markets

4. The determinants of government bond yields in emerging markets

5. Regional bond yields: Debt burden and liquidity are the key factors

6. Liquidity metrics in the bond market: Explaining yields in the non-financial and banking sectors

7. Determinants of bank bond spreads in Latin America

8. Specifics of pricing of corporate bonds with embedded put and call options

9. Do covenants really reduce the cost of debt in emerging markets?

Part 3 If the default is tomorrow

10. If the default is tomorrow: Factors influencing corporate bond recovery rates 11. Determinants of corporate bond defaults: The role of corporate governance in emerging markets

Part 4 Forecasting the dynamics of the bond market

12. Sanction shock and the SSA Caterpillar method: Forecasting the market dynamics

13. Modelling and forecasting systemic risk on the bond market Part 5 ETFs and portfolio investment

14. A new tool for an investor in the bond market: Corporate bond ETF

15. Portfolio investment in emerging bond markets: Trends and determinants

Part 6 Anomalies in the bond markets

16. Calendar effects in emerging bond markets

17. Which investment strategy is profitable in the bond market Reverse or momentum? What about risk?

Part 7 Analytical and information databases: Algorithms of work

18. Eikon Refinitiv, Bloomberg, and Cbonds databases for solving research problems

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© 2020 Tamara Teplova, Tatiana V. Sokolova and Qaiser Munir

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Teplova, T., Sokolova, T. V., & Munir, Q. (2020). Emerging Bond Markets: Shedding Light on Trends and Patterns. Routledge.

Emerging bond markets: shedding light on trends and patterns