McDonald's breakfast launch dilemma

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Farah Naz Baig is Lecturer at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


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Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies




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Subject area: Marketing, retail management and new product launch. Study level/applicability: BBA final year students, MBA first year students. Case overview: The case is about the decision that needs to be taken for breakfast launch by McDonald's Pakistan. It was mid July 2011, when Jamil Husain, marketing manager, Atif Abbass and Ali Raza. Marketing executives were sitting in the meeting room of Lakson Square building, Karachi, in order to discuss the fate of breakfast menu. It was Jamil's idea to launch the breakfast menu in the Pakistani market. He, however, was unable to convince his team members who thought that the market was not ready to accept the breakfast option since there was a huge difference between Pakistani lifestyle and western lifestyle. Jamil presented his arguments before them but all in vain. Somehow he knew that the same arguments if presented in front of the top management would lead to a “No” situation. Just then the phone rang; it was Caroline, company secretary, confirming the meeting date and venue which was supposed to take place after two days. Expected learning outcomes: The learning outcomes should be: organizations need to understand the cultural differences and decide about the product launches; based on the class discussion the instructor can conclude whether launching would be a good option or not – apart from culture what are the other important considerations; and preference of glocal vs global – in what situations might a glocal strategy be more suitable as compared with global. Supplementary materials: Teaching notes are available, please consult your librarian to access.

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