A bibliometric review of finance bibliometric papers

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  • Ashraf Khan is Assistant Professor and Superintendent Boys Hostel at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

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School of Business Studies (SBS)


Department of Finance

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Econometrics | Economics | Finance


As bibliometric approaches are increasingly a focus of literature reviews across different business disciplines, we apply a bibliometric approach to a review of bibliometric studies in finance, assessing 121 bibliometric studies. We identify four literature clusters: studies focusing on assessments of literature in trending topics; analysis of papers that employ emerging econometric techniques; studies grouped around particular fundamental topics such as market dynamics, behavioral finance, and corporate governance; and studies focused on retrospective celebration of single well-known finance journals. We identify which countries, institutions, and scholars have been being particularly influential. Results suggest that the field of economics has been more comfortable publishing bibliometric studies than finance. Results also identify the mainstream finance journals that are particularly leading in publishing bibliometric studies, with results showing that these journals have particularly high-growing scholarly impact. We conclude that bibliometric studies are an important vehicle for highlighting and motivating emerging scholarship.

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