Reem Ka Steam: penetrating the branded rice industry of Pakistan

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Pakistan is one of the main producers of basmati rice – a special type of long-grain rice that produces dishes that are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye. Basmati rice is especially used in rice-oriented dishes across the country – such as biryani and pulao. Basmati rice grown in Pakistan is largely exported to other countries because of its value and local consumers, in turn, are left with lower-quality rice, which does not produce the same results.

Reem Ka Steam (RKS) launched as a packaged rice brand, and offers different varieties of steamed basmati in its product offerings. RKS launched a digital campaign to generate awareness about the brand and the results were astounding.

The company was able to achieve record sales for the brand, in an industry where packaged staple food items are struggling to reach consumers' baskets. The brand not only experienced high brand awareness levels, but also enjoyed a high brand recall. The digital campaign achieved its goals of attracting target consumers, introducing the brand and generating trials. In fact, the launch campaign achieved repeat purchases for RKS in the commodity market – which is an achievement in itself.

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