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Pakistan is one of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries ranking fifth in the list. It has experienced various disasters in recent decades, including floods, droughts and intense heat waves causing thousands of fatalities. Moreover, due to the deterioration of the Indus Delta approximately 1.2 million people dispersed and shifted to urban hubs like Karachi. Researchers have projected an increase in frequency and severity of these catastrophic environmental events, causing food and water scarcity, health and socio-economic issues in coming decades.

Climate change is no longer a threat but has become an existential crisis. There is a need for immediate attention and action to move towards environmental sustainability. Therefore, realizing the urgent call of the most complex and challenging issue faced by humanity today, academic institutions need to be playing the role of creating spaces and opportunities for collaboration and conversation. Furthermore, active student involvement in such collaborations is crucial for their mobilization out of academic institutions.

This conference was the inaugural event for the Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Department’s focus on interdisciplinary climate and ecologies research where the objective was to produce knowledge that is rooted in indigenous scholarship, experience and practice. To this aim, we will continue to work with non-traditional security challenges as a theme for future conferences and seminars.

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Climate Change, Ecology, Environmental sustainability


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This document is a result of a conference conducted by SESS IBA, the opinions expressed by the participants, and this publication does not constitute an endorsement by the IBA Karachi or Hanns Seidel Foundation Pakistan Office of the opinions so expressed in them.

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Zahabiya Mazahir

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Proceedings - Climate Change: Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities